All-Season Benefits of AwningsWhile we are in the midst of the sunny days of summer here in Cape May County, the cooler days of fall and the wind and snow of winter are not far away. Awnings can add a touch of elegance to your home year-round and can be installed using a variety of fabric options in easy-to-use retractable styles or permanent frame built options. Regardless of what you select, awnings can transform your outdoor space into a comfortable area to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

Enjoy space outside your home
An awning installed on a deck or patio offers a welcome break from the scorching summer sun, spring and fall rains and even the snows of winter. It can provide an area for outdoor gatherings in the warmer month, and will help keep snow off your deck, patio or front porch in the winter. And, if you want to enjoy the sunshine, retractable awnings will fold and unfold with the touch of a button.

Protect furnishings and save energy
The sun’s UV rays can cause premature wear to your carpeting, furniture, flooring, drapes and other upholstery. An awning can extend the life fabrics and other surfaces in your home by filtering harmful UV rays. In addition, it can save on energy prices. During the hot summer months, awnings will keep your home cooler, while retractable designs can be pulled back in the winter to allow sun to provide additional daytime warmth in your home.

Create charm and beauty
Awnings allow you to give your home its own special personality. Match the color and style of your house while adding a little extra curb appeal. In addition, an awning on your patio or deck can help create a cozy feeling in your outdoor living space.

If you are searching for the perfect awning for your home, Awnings by Bill Lloyd can help you find the style and design that will match your specific tastes. Bill has over 20 years of design experience, which he puts to work for his customers seven days a week. In addition to residential design, Bill provides uncompromising style advice for businesses requiring commercial awning uses as well. Contact Bill Lloyd today for a free in-home consultation.